Passive Fire Protection Systems

Passive fire protection is an always at work type of fire safety provision. It is dormant or inert during normal conditions but becomes active in a fire situation. It is designed to contain the spread of fire and slow their speed making it an integral component for structural fire protection in a building. The main purpose of passive fire protection is to delay or prohibit the spread of fire whether from item to item, or room to room to allow sufficient time to safely evacuate the occupants of the premise and for the arrival of the fire brigade. Passive fire protection also serves to ensure the building remains as safe as possible for entry in this situation. Passive fire protection that actually contains a fire at its point of origin can be invisible and nearly forgotten - until the day you come to truly appreciate and depend on it.

Fire Zone Compartmentation

Compartmentation is used minimize the rapid spread of fire by dividing the building into a series of fire tight boxes termed compartments which will form a barrier to the products of combustion; smoke, heat and toxic gases. Various methods such as fire barriers, firewalls, fire partitions, and smoke barriers are all included in compartmentation. This prevents the rapid spread of fire which could trap the occupants of a building and reduces the chance of fires growing and creating a danger to occupants, fire and rescue services, and people in the vicinity of the building. Overall, compartmentation limits the damage caused to a building and its contents.

Air Duct Fire Resistant Coating

Ventilation systems are an important aspect of any construction running through the entire building. During an eventuality of fire, damaged ducts may propagate the fire to other compartments and pose a danger to other areas of the building and even to people. Even the smoke and other poisonous combustion products spread through these and are also dangerous. The materials used to make these ducts are of special importance as it needs to sustain itself for the longest time possible. Additional protection of these air ducts increases the fire resistance by precious additional minutes to evacuate people to the safe zone.

Specialized Anchoring Systems

Specialized Vibration free diamond drilling in re-enforced concrete and setting of Mechanical anchoring systems or chemical anchoring systems for applications ranging from dynamic loading requirements to missed starter rebars in foundations.

Modular System Installation

We deal with design and installation of specialized support systems for mechanical, plumbing and electrical services. Installation of developed layouts to suit every crucial need and professional installations to ensure maximum productivity is attained from the available space. We use cutting edge design and technology right from the concept stage till the final installation phase.

Property Management

Managing a range of furnished apartments in sought after locations on the Island and commercial spaces available in India including rehabilitation centers and IT promoters. We also specialize in hospitality management in the areas of restaurant management and leasing.

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